Saturday, 18 May 2019

Rōngo-mā-tane Buddies

Once a fortnight, we get together with our Y1 buddies. Half of our studio go to Rōngo-mā-tane and half of their children come to our studio. This week, we did an activity with our buddy and then wrote on our blog about it. If our children went to Rōngo-mā-tane, they helped their buddy to write a Seesaw post. Next time, they will write a blog post.

Have you read your child's blog post about their buddy time?

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Monday Mashup - Sewing

Exploring our sustainability, and thinking about what we can do to help the environment, we decided to make tote bags.  We also thought it would be great to learn how to sew with a machine, as some of us had already learnt how to sew by hand.

This was the process we followed:

  1.  Design our tote bag with a connection to ourselves - our name, a pet, our family, things we like to do or play. We made a paper design the size of our bag, remembering to make sure our design was the correct way up on both sides of the bag.
  2. We cut out our bag using the paper design as our pattern.
  3. We transferred our design from the pattern to the material and then painted our design on the material.
  4. We hand tacked our bag.
  5. We chose material for our straps.
  6. Now came the exciting part! Machine sewing the sides of our bag, the top seam, and sewing our straps.
  7. Once the straps were sewn we turned them and attached them to our bag and then we were finished. 
Don't they look amazing? 

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Year 6 Camp

Recently the Year 6 students went to Waipara Adventure Camp. We arrived on Wednesday morning, had some morning tea and headed off to our first activities. Each group did a  different activity and there was plenty of exciting opportunities! During our stay, we got to experience the Giant Swing, raft and bridge building, the waterslide, obstacle course, archery, air rifle shooting, low ropes confidence course and the Flying Fox.

There was a lot of fun and teamwork and a few injuries! In our spare time, we could also play dodge ball, croquet, trampolining, rope swings and try to rise above everything by walking on stilts.


Thursday, 11 April 2019

KiwiSport - Mitch's Last Day

Today we were very sad to say goodbye to Mitch. He has been our KiwiSports coordinator for the past 4 years. Talking to him this afternoon he was telling me how much he has enjoyed being a part of the physical education for so many children here at Rawhiti.

For his last session, we had a massive game of fort dodgeball. It was a truly epic game with everyone taking part.

To celebrate his time with us we have made him this card. In it, we wrote messages thanking him for teaching us so many great games and skills. We wish him all the best his future career. You will be missed, Mitch.

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Monday Mashup- Coding

For the last two weeks, Urmi's Monday Mashup group has been using Beebots. Their challenge has been to design a Beebot Adventure.


Have you ever tried to code?

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Parachutes Away!

Parachute Challenge
Tawhirimatea students took on the challenge of making a parachute and basket to help safely transport an egg from the top of the fireman’s pole safely to the ground. In teams of three, the children worked together to design and build their parachute and basket.  Next, they took the parachute out to test and make any changes necessary, Then came the real challenge! Each team was given a raw egg to put in their basket. Down came their parachutes from the fireman’s pole.  Five eggs survived the drop and two unfortunately cracked. The biggest surprise was the egg that fell out of it’s basket and survived! We used organic eggs and we wondered if shells were stronger than non-organic eggs. The teams enjoyed working together and we had lots of laughs as we waited in anticipation to see if our eggs would survive.