Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Technology Monday Mashup and EPro 8 Challenge

This term we have been preparing for the EPro Challenge. We have two teams from Tāwhirimātea competing this year. As part of our preparation, on Monday mornings our teams have been practising building robots and towers. Then they use simple circuits and motors to make robots dance or the towers become elevators.

Here are some examples of our tower and elevator engineering.

This was preparation for the Wednesday when we had two teams competing in the EPro 8 Challenge. Jelani, Rosie, Abe and Angus represented Tāwhirimātea's Year 6's. Paige, Dexter, Freya and Ronan represented our Year 5's. Tanē Mahuta also had a team of Year 6's.

It was a tough competition, with 11 teams from across East Christchurch all working hard in Sumner School's hall. Each team had two and a half hours to either complete a technology challenge or to get enough points to win.

Our Year 5 team, the Nut's n Bolts, had to construct a lighting rod with a motorised top that rotated. After an initial mistake, they were able to build a stable base. They also managed to attach a rotating motorised top. Where they got stumped was trying to work out how far the "Lightning" was by calculating the speed of sound.

Our Year 6 team, the Avengers, had to make a large rotating rat wheel. This had to be attached to an alternator and lightbulb. Then, to create sustainable energy, a chargeable battery was attached to. After lots of hard work, mistakes and redesigns, they were able to complete the challenge.

This hard work and perseverance all added up. The Avengers were victorious and won the day's competition. They are now entered into the Christchurch semi-finals.

Check out their work below.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Sandra Silberzweig Inspired Selfies

Sandra Silberzweig Inspired Selfies

In the second half of Term 2, for Monday Mashup, we explored the Canadian artist Sandra Silberzweig and her version of self-portraits. The children initially followed a video on the symmetry of the face and how to draw this with a different lens. They then outlined their 'selfies' in vivid marker and sectioned parts of the face.

Then came the colour! For this, they explored the colour wheel and learned about complementary colours (those next to each other on the colour wheel) and contrasting colours (those opposite each other on the colour wheel).  They also learned about distinctive and blended colours. The children used distinctive or blended complementary colours for the sections of the face and contrasting colours for the details.

The outcome was Sandra Silberzweig Styled Selfies (we also learned about alliteration!). These are examples of some of the children's art. Aren't they amazing?


Sunday, 30 June 2019

End of Term 2 Student Led Monday Mashup

Paper Planes                                   Cupcakes
                             Nerf guns                                                             Drawing
                                       Drawing                                                    Flips
                                    Karate                                                              Flips
Art on Chromebooks                                    Scratch Programming
Flips                                     Shooting Hoops
                                     Cupcakes                                                 Netball

Once again our students impressed us with their ability to lead Monday Mashup. They showed great leadership and organisational skills.

Do you have any skills which you could share with us?

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Orana Park

We had an amazing trip to Orana Park courtesy of The Warehouse. We learnt about animal communities which link to our inquiry of "Connection'. We learnt lots of amazing facts and we were the first visitors to see the four new Tasmanian devils.

Did you know that by the time our students are adults, the kea will be extinct? So sad....

Our Amazing Peer Tutors

Five of our more experienced writers have trained to be tutors. They have learnt how to support their buddy by discussing ideas and helping with good writing behaviours such as rereading the sentence, sounding out spelling words, adding adjectives and using dictionaries.

I feel very proud when I watch them in action. They are amazing! 

What other skills could they help their buddy with?

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Rōngo-mā-tane Buddies

Once a fortnight, we get together with our Y1 buddies. Half of our studio go to Rōngo-mā-tane and half of their children come to our studio. This week, we did an activity with our buddy and then wrote on our blog about it. If our children went to Rōngo-mā-tane, they helped their buddy to write a Seesaw post. Next time, they will write a blog post.

Have you read your child's blog post about their buddy time?